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Alpen Ridge All Star aka Alphie

Meet another one of our gorgeous new stud muffin Alphie! Alphie has completed all his health testing and has passed with flying colours. Alphie has matured to medium in size, dressed in a chocolate fleece coat and is ALF2 generation. Welcome Alphie!

Breeding Status: Active

Sire: Sunsethills Wrapped in chocolate

Dam: Raresilvers Casino Royale

Colour: Chocolate

Grade: ALF2

Size: Medium

Weight: At maturity approximately 16 kgs

Coat: Fleece

ALA Reg No: 0153-021-09

DNA Profile: 19226807

Prcd=PRA: Clear A

Pennhip: R .33 L .20

Elbows: Normal

Hips: 2+3=5