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Meet our Monet! Monet has matured to medium in size with a caramel (very faint) and white parti fleece coat and is a ALF4 generation. Monet will commence her health testing in July 2019, her results will be displayed here when completed, and hopefully will be a mumma here at Jajaca sometime late 2019.

Breeding Status: Active

Sire: Rocky Creek Ima Parti Prince

Dam: Jajaca Malibou

Colour: Caramel and White Parti

Grade: ALF4

Size: Medium

Weight: Approximately 12 kgs

Coat: Fleece

ALA Reg No: 0115-130-06

DNA Profile: T.B.A.

Prcd=PRA: T.B.A.

Pennhip: T.B.A.


Elbows: T.B.A.

Hips: T.B.A.