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Introducing our gorgeous Belle aka Chanel. This sweet girl should mature to medium in size, she has a gorgeous gold fleece coat and is an ALF3 generation. Belle will commence her health testing in September 2019, her results will be available here, and all going well, this sweet girl will be a mumma here at Jajaca sometime in 2020.

Breeding Status: Retired

Sire: Bellisimo Billy The Kid

Dam: Jajaca Heather

Colour: Gold

Grade: ALF3

Size: Medium

Weight: Approx to mature to 15-16 kgs

Coat: Fleece

ALA Reg No: 0115-140-09

DNA Profile: 19223410

Prcd=PRA: Clear A

Pennhip: .56 .55

Elbows: Normal

Hips: 5 +9 = 14