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This gorgeous boy was bred here at Jajaca and works within the Nicnak labradoodles breedin program, our good friend of Jajacas. Chewy has sired his first litter with the gorgeous Sunny and we are excited to see his first litter of babies grow. Chewy is a medium, rather large one at that, has an amazing temperament and we are all so very proud of him.

Breeding Status: Retired

Sire: Jajaca Optimus Prime

Dam: Jajaca Foxy

Colour: Chocolate

Grade: ALF3

Size: Large Medium

Weight: Approx 18 kgs

Coat: Fleece

ALA Reg No: 0115-143-09

DNA Profile: TBA

Prcd=PRA: Clear A

Pennhip: .39 .40

Elbows: Normal

Hips: 2+3=5