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Introducing Pepa who has passed all her health testing with flying colours and we are super excited to welcome her into our programme. Miss Pepa has matured to a Small Medium/Medium in size with a Cafe coloured fleece coat with a gorgeous temperament. Miss Pepa will be having puppies hopefully early 2022. Pepa lives with her gorgeous Guardian family who take exceptional care of her.

Breeding Status: Retired

Sire: Simba

Dam: Jajaca Tilly

Colour: Cafe

Grade: AL

Size: Small Medium/Medium

Weight: Approx 12kgs

Coat: Fleece

ALA Reg No: 0115-170-01

DNA Profile: 21G69829

Prcd=PRA: Clear A

Pennhip: .45 .40

Elbows: 0+0

Hips: 4+1=5