There are many questions I get asked about our wonderful Australian Labradoodles. I have tried to give an example of the most frequently asked questions to assist you in acquiring your precious new family member.

If I buy a puppy from another state is it possible to transport my puppy to my home state?

Yes absolutely! Interstate travel and overseas travel is very safe and quite common, here at Jajaca I choose not to ship overseas. We use a company called Jetpets for our interstate travel www.jetpets.com.au. Specific prices can be obtained upon request. Jajaca Australian Labradoodles will organise your transport requirements and pass on the actual cost to you (with no extra fee).

How important is it to buy from an accredited breeder?

This is an extremely important consideration when looking to buy an Australian Labradoodle. I would recommend never buying a puppy unless they are an accredited breeder for many reasons. The most significant being accredited breeders are all proudly bound to the requirements set out by the Australian Labradoodle Association www.laa.org.au/ and have their dog’s health and those of their puppies a priority. A strict guideline of health testing for all our breeding dogs is required. Jajaca Australian Labradoodles will provide a limited health guarantee for all our puppies. To maintain breeder accreditation we must follow a breeders Code of Ethics ensuring responsible breeding which ultimately results in quality Australian Labradoodle puppies for you.

Are Labradoodles really non shedding?

Yes. Most Labradoodles are non shedding but this is not always the case. It depends on the puppies coat type. Most wool and fleece coat puppies will not shed and a hair coat will shed. There are sometimes exceptions to this and your breeder will be happy to discuss your needs and those of a particular puppy.

Are Labradoodles non allergenic or Asthma/Allergy Friendly?

There is no scientific proof to support this claim so therefore Jajaca Australian Labradoodles never sell our puppies claiming this to be so. However, I have a child who has had severe Asthma most of her childhood and the Australian Labradoodle is one of the few breeds she has never reacted too and I speak from my own personal experience. I suggest that if this is an important quality that you are looking for in your family pet, do lots of research, what exactly are the triggers of an asthma or allergic reaction. From my experience, dog saliva, environmental and other household residues are just as important to eliminate. I can confidently say the Australian Labradoodle does not affect my child who suffers from Asthma and Allergies.

How important is it to train our Labradoodle puppy?

Extremely important in a short answer. A significant piece of advice. The Australian Labradoodle is highly intelligent, bright and bubbly. Your puppy needs to be stimulated and they thrive and love the challenges of a training facility and or training program. You need to learn how to manage a dog of such high intelligence. You will reap the rewards of any effort you put in at this stage.

Why are all Labradoodles puppies sold desexed?

There are a few significant reasons for this. The most important in my opinion is to protect this wonderful breed by managing the quality of our breeding puppies, only keeping puppies that display the wonderful traits that will contribute to the betterment of the breed. Young puppies recover quickly from surgery, our Animal Welfare League Veterinarians have been performing this procedure for many many years. For more information of Early de-sexing see our links page or visit the ALA website.

Do Labradoodles need much time and attention with their wonderful coats?

Short answer is no they don’t. Wool and Fleece coats do not require extensive looking after. When your puppy is in transition from developing its adult coat from its puppy coat more time and attention is required at this stage. But I ask you how long is a piece of string? Everybody has a differing opinion as to how much time is required and how much time you have to give. I keep my girls in a long coat for most of the year, when the weather gets warmer, I reduce the length of their coat. I groom or give my girls regular attention because I love to not because I have to.

Do Labradoodles Love the water?

Yes! Yes ! Yes! They love the water. My girls take a walk down to the beach to a whole new level. They are so much fun, fearless around the water, another great reason to invest time in training to enjoy this fabulous quality of the Australian Labradoodle.

Does buying a female or male make any difference?

In my opinion, no it doesn’t matter. All Jajaca Labradoodle puppies come de-sexed so it is a decision that is a personal one for you and for your family to make.. Some families prefer males other families prefer females. This is entirely your decision, your environment may play a factor as well as other family members.

Are Labradoodles tolerant around other animals?

Yes they are. The Australian Labradoodle have wonderful temperaments. Their natures are so fun loving, goofy even and quite comical. Do these traits mean they get along well with other animals? I think so! They are very social and enjoyable animals to be around.