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Introducing one of our up and coming superstars, our gorgeous Miss Estelle! Aka Stella. From our Bowie boy and Whiskey, Stella has grown to be a stunning medium size with a black coat and gorgeous temperament to boot. Stella has completed her one and only litter here at Jajaca and she lives with her amazing family who adore her, Thank you Stella and my family for such an outstanding contribution to our Jajaca family.

Breeding Status: Retired

Sire: Jajaca Gekko AKA Bowie

Dam: Jajaca Murphy AKA Whiskey

Colour: Black


Size: Medium

Weight: Approx 15kg

Coat: Fleece

ALA Reg No: 0115-198-06

Prcd=PRA: Carrier

Pennhip: .059 .047

Elbows: Normal 0

Hips: 4+5=9